A set of market experiments complemented with detailed instructor’s and student’s instructions, warmup-exercises and problem sets. All experiments are implemented in the free online tool classEx to be run in the classroom with the use of mobile devices. They are based on the book by Ted Bergstrom and John Miller and can be directly run with no need for printing out material or installing software.

Well designed experiments

We provide a set of experiments which have been played more than a thousand times all around the globe. Experiments are based on the seminal book by Ted Bergstrom and John Miller. Experiments are well calibrated and provide robust results.

Integrated teaching concept

All experiments come with fully detailed student’s and instructor’s manual. Warm-up exercise help testing that students understand the rules of the market. The data form the experiment is collected in a spreadsheet and can be used in the problem sets.

classEx and mobile devices

All experiments are fully implemented with classEx, a free online tool to run experiments in the classroom with mobile devices. All you need is free classEx login credentials. Students log in directly with their mobile devices to the webpage and are ready to participate.

Fast and ready-to-use

No need for printing out and distributing personal information sheets. No need to collect data or participation by hand. All this is done by classEx. Results are immediately displayed and data automatically collected in a spreadsheet format. This saves time and generate dynamism in the classroom.


This website contains all material need for teaching with experiments. Next to some general information, each experiment is self-contained with companion material.

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