List of experiments

Click on the title of the experiment to access student’s and instructor’s material.
In classEx, experiments and warm-up exercises are located in the econ-class experiments folder.

  • The Apple Market: A simple trading-pit experiment
    This is a simple trading-pit experiment and is commonly used as the first encounter of students with an experiment in the classroom. It introduces the concepts of supply and the demand, as well as buyer surplus and seller profits.
  • The Fish Market: More is not always better
    This experiment explores the effects of a shift in the supply curve on price and quantity. It also introduces the notion of sunk costs.
  • A Tax in the Apple Market: Who pays the tax?
    This experiment introduces a per unit tax in the Apple Market, but with a richer distribution of types. It runs three sessions of the same market: without taxes, with an excise tax paid by sellers, and with an excise tax paid by buyers. It also helps on studying tax incidence and excess burden.
  • The Coal Market: Pollution, Pigouvian taxes and permits* [external link to Experiencing Economics]. 
    In this experiment, students experience the effects of a negative externality and observe how an appropriately chosen tax or a fixed supply of marketable pollution permits may recover efficiency.
    *The link takes you to an external webpage in the ebook Experiencing Economics. There you have an updated version of the experiment with instructions for both online and offline trading. If you still want to access the original instructions on this webpage, you can find them here


Experiments in the pipeline

The following experiments are already implemented in classEx. They can be found in the microeconomics folder. Their implementation in classEx follows the design described in the original book by Ted Bergstrom and John Miller, but we are still in the process of updating the instructions.

  • The Plane Tickets Market: Monopolies and cartels [name in classEx: Monopoly Session 1 & Monopoly Session 2-4]
  • The Restaurant Market: Short and long run economics [name in classEx: Entry and Exit]
  • The Smartphone Market: Network externalities [name in classEx: Network Externalities Session 1]
  • The Labor Market: Minimum wage and unemployment [name in classEx: Minimum Wage]

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